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    ​      State Titles

  • 2021

Tom Davis - 12ga Champion

  • 2020

Tom Davis - .410 Champion

  • 2019
    Dave Duncan - 20ga and .410 Champion
    LASC - Club Champions


  • 2

    Michael Schlarman - 20ga, 28ga, HOA and HAA Champion

  • 2017
    Tom Davis - Doubles Champion
    LASC - Club Champions


  • 2016
    Mike Wilkerson - .410 Champion


  • 2015
    Larry Israel - 12ga Champion


  • 2014
    David Duncan - 20ga Champion


  • 2012
    David Duncan - 12ga Champion
    Larry Israel - 20ga Champion


  • 2008
    Jeff Moore - Doubles Champion


  • 2007
    Jeff Moore - 20ga, HOA, and HAA Champion


  • 2005
    David Duncan - 20ga Champion


  • 2003
    David Duncan - 20ga Champion


  • 1999
    LASC - Club Champion


  • 1995
    LASC - Club Champion


  • 1994
    David Duncan - .410 Champion


  • 1993
    LASC - Club Champion

Honors Club: TeamMember


Lloyd Area Skeet Club was the 2019 "Club" State Champion! Larry Israel, Mike Schlarman, John Lawson, Jeff Pope and Tom Davis shot 484 out of a possible 500 targets while representing LASC, winning the Club Team Championship at the 2019 Kentucky Skeet Shooting Association state shoot.  Lloyd Area Skeet Club has previously won this title in 1993, 1995, 1999, and 2017!  


The Pumpkin Shoot is an annual competitive fun shoot held in October. The first shoot took place in 2016. Since then the shoot has grown every year and we have had contestants from all over the state of KY, OH and IN.

Photos of our past champions

         2019 Champions

  • Skeet Champion - Andrew Winders

  • Wobble Trap Champion - Tod Gintert

  • Ladies Champion (HOA) - Leigh Lesser

  • Junior Champion (HOA) - Tim Burrows

  • Club Champion (HOA) - Michael Schlarman

        2018 Champions

  • Skeet Champion - Michael Schlarman

  • Wobble Trap Champion - Jeff Pope

  • Ladies Champion (HOA) - Susan Jacobs

  • Junior Champion (HOA) - Ryan Kitchen

  • Club Champion (HOA) - Jeff Pope

       2017 Champions


  • Skeet Champion - Jim Payak

  • Wobble Trap Champion - Ronald "RT" Thompson

  • Doubles Skeet Champion - Michael Schlarman

  • Vintage Skeet Champion - John Lawson

  • Ladies Champion (HOA) - Leigh Lesser

  • Junior Champion (HOA) - Zach Kidd

  • Club Champion (HOA) - Michael Schlarman

       2016 Champions


  • Skeet Champion - Tom Davis

  • Doubles Champion - John Lawson

  • Vintage Skeet Champion - John Lawson

  • Club Champion (HOA) - Dave Duncan

Honors Club: TeamMember


Honors Club: TeamMember
Skip Smith

We were honored to nominate Skip Smith for a Lifetime Membership in 2018. Skip was one of the charter members of Lloyd Area Skeet Club in 1984 and is still an active member and director today! He has been president of LASC on three different occasions and Vice President just as many! He is the Lloyd Area Skeet Club representative for the Kentucky Skeet Shooting Association (KSSA) and has been on the Board of the KSSA since the early 1990s. He has also been President of the KSSA on three occasions. We want to thank Skip for everything he has done in the last 34 years for LASC! His hard work and dedication over the many years has made the Club a great success!


Honors Club: TeamMember

It is a long standing tradition in skeet that when you shoot your first perfect round (25/25) or your first 100 straight, your squad mates and friends shoot up your hat! The photos to the left are a collection of some of the perfect rounds and 100 straights. Congratulations guys and gals!

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